Jakes Sampson


After graduating from high school, Jakes studied Travel and Tourism at Varsity College in Cape Town. Thereafter he left to work at Disney World for a year where he became interested in guiding.

Upon return to South Africa he graduated from the Tourist Guide Institute as a tourist guide for the Western Cape and surrounds. His interests extend to cycling, hiking, gaming and exploring South Africa.

Jakes and Chris met while training with an adventure tour company in 2002, and have been firm friends ever since. They knew that the next logical step would be to pursue a business partnership, and in 2015 he joined Around the Green.

Together they are determined to establish their company as a prominent inbound golf tour operator in the South African tourism market.

Chris Abrahamse


The planning of golf holidays to South Africa has been his dream for as long as he’s been in the tourism industry. In 2009 that dream was finally realised.

Around the Green was conceived from an idea to marry two passions in his life, golf and exploring South Africa. He’s been involved in tourism since March 2000 and has not regretted a single moment.

He currently plays off a wild and undeserved 7, but is working hard at getting it down to a consistent and manageable 5 over the next few months.

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