We all need to work hard on our game in order to improve. Some of us need overall work, while others only on specific aspects of the game. If we want to get better, we must be prepared to put in the practice.

Below you will find instructional videos from some of the world’s past, and present, champions. We’ve found them to be very informative and helpful, and we hope you will too!

Ben Hogan

Undoubtedly one of the best ball strikers in the history of the game! There are several golf legends who were very successful (Bobby Jones, Byron Nelson, even Tiger Woods), but one of Hogan’s greatest gifts to golf was his ball striking ability. When you’re hitting it sweet and making great contact, you’re said to be:

"Hitting it like Hogan"

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Louis Oosthuizen

South African professional golfers have always been considered to be among the best bunker players in the world, and Louis Oosthuizen in no exception. In this video he shows us how to play the two bunker shots we encounter, and fear, the most when we end up in the sand. With an amateur best round of 57, it might be wise to pay attention.

Phil Mickelson

Getting up and down can be quite a challenge for most golfers. The short game is where most of struggle the most, but practice the least. With these simple tips from Phil Mickelson we can teach ourselves better chipping habits, learn to knock it close and get up and down more often. Lefty may not be your favourite golfer, but this guy can play.

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Jordan Spieth

One of the most repeated phrases in golf is “Drive for show and putt for dough”. Putting is not as sexy as bombing 300+ yard drives; but it is the most important aspect of our game. If putting accounts for roughly 30% of our score, surely it deserves more of our time?
Tiger Woods recently called Jordan the greatest long putter ever! That’s certainly very high praise indeed. Are you ready for the putting green yet?

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